Enquiries should be addressed to the Clerk, Veronica-Mae Soar: [email protected]

Those with little or no previous experience may apply to be registered as an apprentice who will work under the tutelage of a Master. Those with reasonable experience may - with the approval of the Court - be accepted as Improvers, under the mentorship of a Master, and they will work more on their own. For both, a registration fee must first be sent to the Treasurer, when they will be sent an application form for completion and will then be invited to approach suitable Masters to take them on for a minimum of 3 years.

Those already making and selling for at least 3 years may attend as Direct applicants for an appraisal of their work. If this is found to be of a good standard they will be asked to provide 10 letters from satisfied customers. They will then be invited to present their Masterpiece formally at a Guildmote.

Masters. U.K membership is by invitation only - following approval of a presented Masterpiece.

Overseas Associates: Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers living outside the U.K. may apply to be accepted as Associates. They will receive the Guild’s regular news booklets and may attend a Guildmote (AGM) upon request. They may not use the Guild’s badge for business purposes. Please use the Associate form, which should be sent to the Clerk.

Once downloaded you can simply print and complete the document and post to the Clerk at:

29 Batley Court, Oldland, South Glos. BS30 8YZ